Hello Kitty Chocolate Pink Gift Box


This purple thanking you gift box featuring 9 chocolates.

1 off  Sunset, dark chocolate orange and cointreau filling 14g

1 off Orange Blossom, dark chocolate White orange flavoured ganache 14g

1 off Sunset, milk chocolate, orange and cointreau filling 14g

1 off Pepe, dark chocolate, peppermint ganache 14g

1 off Crown, white chocolate, orange filling 12g

1 off milk Cupid,caramel filling 16g

1 off Bella,white chocolate, smooth praline filling 14g

1 off Pearl in the shell, dark chocolate, lime and champagne white ganache 16g

1 off Sunrise, white chocolate,caramel filling 14g


You can also enjoy creating your own chocolates giftbox selection, 

choosing 9 regular chocolates of yourself according to your own preference


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